CBS - SUNDAY MORNING - Kusama segment

  1. Did anyone see the Kusama segment on CBS SUNDAY MORNING this morning? It was interesting to see - featured some of her work, the Whitney Museum exhibition, info on her childhood and "hippie" days in the 1970's in New York. A brief mention of her collaboration with MJ/LV, showed a few of the Vernis YK pieces.
  2. My husband always dvr's it. I'm gonna go search for it now!
  3. Fairly short piece, and only a very brief mention of the LV collaboration. But it was interesting and did show some of her work. No pumpkins tho!
  4. and....It said....

    By the mid-1960s Kusama had become a tabloid fixture, known for "happenings" - gatherings where she painted polka dots on everything, and everyone