CBC House of Hermes Special Presentation

  1. Wonderful video -- the best I've seen yet -- Thanks Millstream.
  2. Thank you Millstream.. I did enjoy it :smile:
  3. I really enjoyed the video, thankyou millstream!
  4. Thanks. It was fun watching.
  5. I totally enjoyed it -- Thank you!!:flowers:
  6. great video

    thank you!
  7. What a great video ~ thank you for posting dear Millstream!
  8. Excellent! Thanks millstream!
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    this was absolutely gorgous, with lots of information and eye candy :yes:
  10. Thanks Millstream, that was informative and I was humming along with the song.
  11. MillStream, Thanks for the link. :smile:

    I enjoyed watching the video...I can't
    remember her name, but the one lady
    being interviewed had a great Lindy. :smile:
  12. Loved this...thank you MS!
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  14. I likey. Thanks for sharing.