CB Retro Red/Cream (again)- I need my Enablers!

  1. Well, I thought it was over with the CB Red/Cream Retro after someone else snatched it but now I am being offered the chance to buy one elsewhere in excellent condition. I am on the fence as I've sort of blown my bag budget and am not sure whether this will be a cumbersome style or not to use or too small for me. Obviously I can't return it if it doesn't work for me, is it likely that I can resell it? Of course I would rather keep it but I need some people to give me that final push- please tell me why I can justify it:lol:
  2. If you can afford it, buy it!! :graucho: I love the CB Retro! :drool:
  3. it's such a beautiful and rare piece, I say if you can afford it, then certainly get it!
  4. "Afford" is such a strong term...
  5. If I were you, I would wait! You won't be able to use red/cream in the fall/winter anyways.
    And DO tell us about your Vegas vacation!!!;)
  6. Hmm...that's true about the weather...but aren't they really rare? What if another one doesn't pop up again or is horrendously over-priced?
    And Vegas was fun, thanks Irene! A lot of it is a Vodka-Tonic induced blur...:supacool:
  7. I'd get it.
    I LOVE it and I'd put my dislike for the shape and how it knocks into things aside in order to get one lol.
    I've wanted one for SO long and it's so hard to get..
    I'd get it now and put it away for spring, if you want and can wait lol.
  8. I vote for NOT purchasing it. I have one and never used it as I find it difficult to open/close...plus I find it quite hard to match (I have a brown/pink one). It is a stunning bag:shame:
  9. Get it!!! I love the Red/Cream CB! If you end up not liking it I'm sure you wouldn't have a hard time finding someone to take it off your hands for you.
  10. I wish the Red/Cream CB was still available. It's such a gorgeous bag! Get it! (enabler I am...lol).
  11. Do it !! Doooo it ! :graucho:
  12. dooooooooo it! u have my support! i love red/cream CB!
  13. The shape is too awkward..I like the simple shapes: speedy trouville reade
  14. It's such a rare colour combo and is usually more expensive on eBay, I think if it's a good deal, you should snag it up :smile:!!
  15. Well..I think I'm going to do it. I hope I love it because it seems to be a pain in the butt to sell it. But it's just so cute and so rare and it is begging me to adopt it...looking at me with big, saucer-like mushy eyes...all alone, poor thing:crybaby: