CB Pochette arrived!!! *Updated Collection Pics*!!!!!

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  1. The cute lil' cherry blossom pochette arrived today!:love:

    It has quite a dark patina, but the flash makes it look a lot lighter than it is...still gorgeous tho...:yahoo:

    Thought I'd stick a couple of updated photos of my collection just for fun!!!
    y1.JPG y2.JPG z1.JPG z2.JPG
  2. I love the pochettes, and your Speedy :yes:
    Nice collection!
  3. I love that color combo, just perfect! Congratulations lv_obsessed It's adorable.
  4. Aww cute :smile:
  5. Love the Malibu- don't see it too often!
  6. Awesome collection!! i love the ceries speedy and the pochette!!!!!!
  7. What a cute family! I love all the bags! Congrats :smile:
  8. lv_obssessed is on fire!!! :devil:

  9. The Patina is FAB! lovely, its so even and pretty! I wish that the darkestthe leather would ever get.
  10. :nuts: What a beautiful family:tender: Congrats!!!

  11. Lol yeah, I've been very naughty this month:lol:.....:shame:
  12. Your collection is so cute and girly..:biggrin:congrats!
  13. congratulations----it's so cute!
  14. Yayyy for you, congrats. I hope you love it, it's adorable :smile:
  15. Lovely colours, gorgeous!
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