CB papillon or Retro?

  1. Trigger finger at the ready...:lol:
    The Papillon is the brown and the Retro is the pink. Each in good condition- which one might have more staying power/resale value, or more importantly- which one is more practical or better and why? I wish I could just buy both..:love:
  2. I like brown one better..

    I think brown pap has better resale value..
  3. I prefer the brown, but Retro is a cuter style & you don't see many of them. Are these the let-trade ones?
  4. LOL...I thought the same thing too..
  5. Personally, the retro. I love the pink colour the most !
  6. Yup..I knew people would know where I was getting my inspiration from pretty quickly:lol:
    I would love to own it for a few months and then sell it for something else- but don't want to be stuck with something there's no demand for, so it's a factor.
    Are the prices fair? The Pap. is listed at $899 and the Retro at $749...
  7. You can't go wrong with either. If you want to use it in the next six months though, I would get the brown one!:idea:
  8. ITA! I love the Papillon though too, so I'm a bit biased :smile:
  9. Get the papillon :yes:
  10. Papilloooooooonnnnn!
  11. I think the prices are good, the pap looks a little spotty, but you may be able to get that out with some baby wipes. I love the brown CB.
  12. I don't think you can go wrong with either one. Those prices seem pretty good to me. When I see CB papillons they are usually close to $1000, but that's for the red/cream ones.
  13. Papillon for sure..I've wanted a red/creme one for so long lol but I always find other things to buy first.
  14. Get the brown papillon...the pink on brown is really cute for the papillon!
  15. not really. the one i'm watching right now is bloody $1990 :mad:

    but anyway, i prefer the shape of the Papillon, so i'm probably biased :P. i think the Papillon looks better in pink than in brown though :yes: