CB Brown/Pink Papillon for $689 BIN

  1. It's in a good used condition, but the cb placements aint that pretty imo.
  2. Damn, wish I had $689! That bag would be mine! Why do these good deals always come up when I am broke?! :crybaby:
  3. Uh. The handles would bother me to death. A little too dirty/dark for me.
  4. Sooo nice, the CB line is really cute.
  5. the price just keeps coming down on these. I remember a year ago they were all going for over $1000
  6. Okay...I almost hit BIN but I'm trying to talk myself out of it. I just bought a Papillon 30 so I don't really need another one but it's so cute. I decided once I got the 30 I would wait and buy a CB Retro. Must use willpower...even though its a good deal it's still $$$ I should be saving.
  7. I've noticed that too... I got my pink CB papillon this summer for $649. Hopefully more and more will pop up at lower prices.
  8. I think the patina is lovely! I'm holding out for a pink one though.
  9. Man, I wish I had the money! Hopefully when I start working I will be able to finally afford them.
  10. someone get it!
  11. Someone got it. I was about to buy it and it was already sold. Oh well...my Visa is happy.
  12. :crybaby: OH man why did I see this so late? That's #1 on my bag list
  13. I saw this listing when it was just up on eBay this morning. IMO it was an okay price for a bag in that condition. There was some rubbing to one of the cherry blossoms...which is a sign that other CBs will rub off real soon, the handles were too dark, and the inside flap was very worn. I'd rather pay another $200 to get one in pristine condition.