~*cayenne rockie reveal! Plus comparison with rocco!!! Pic overload!*~

  1. thanks girl! i think rockie is gonna be a great first AW for u!!! :biggrin: it'd be a real shame if there wasn't a black w/ rosegold to eventually be released!!

    i have an iphone and use it all the time on rotations! there are some who also carry ipads and it fits in the bigger coat pockets but not for us more petite gals, the pockets are smaller ;) so i'd say the iphone is good for now. maybe an ipad in the future? :graucho: and as u can see, it fits in a rockie!!! BONUS!!
  2. aww, thanks. i actually carried him for a really long time and then got sick of it. hahahaha..

    i'm definitely getting the cayenne thanks to you!! :biggrin: DH didn't say "NO" so i take it as a "yes" hahaha

  3. :giggles::roflmfao:

    there's so many fun colors coming out!!! are u still thinkin cayenne or something else??? keep us posted! oh geez, can't wait to see all the colors revealed on here, it's so exciting!!! whoo hoo!!
  4. yes I am now considering the apple green but have to see more of it first. I'll have a Wang x-mas tree. lol.
  5. Cee Darling! How could I just have only seen this thread????!!! (BettyLee mentioned it on the main Rockie thread and I got dizzy for a minute searching for your reveal)
    First let me say that is one seriously kick-ahz pebbled bag and color you have there. It looks PERFECT on you.:okay:
    Secondly, 115? you are much cuter and slimmer than me I know so i think the middle 1 should be an 0 ...or i might just have to go and check my scale :lol:
  6. I think the rockie would look cute on you, your just as slim as cee.
  7. Thank you Betty...I would love to get another AW bag, however I've just depleted my bag fund with a few expensive bracelets and a couple of LC Cuirs.
    I have to be extremely "selective" right now...;)
  8. i know what you mean..a girl's gotta have priorities!! :graucho:

  9. :wave: girl, stop playin' around!! we're both petite but i know for sure i pack more weight than u!! :p i'm so confused now! i haven't even actually carried Rockie yet... i think i'm gonna wait until my Emile gets here so I can decide if I want to keep one or them or both. for now i'm just gonna stare at Rockie everyday until his pal Emile gets here!! :giggles:
  10. Congrats on your new bag, it looks fabulous on you! I love love love the color. I really want one in the Rocco so badly but I have to sell something before getting it. Your pictures convinced me that this is the red I've been looking for, so thank you for that!

  11. antonia! you're welcome! :hugs: cayenne is a true red, with blue undertones. no hints of orange/coral/pink here! a very fun pop of color IMO! :p
  12. :giggles: ITA!!! i'm so torn and confused right now. wish i had unlimited money to spend on bags!! but then i'd be that crazy bag lady who's buried beneath her bags!! :lolots::panic::cray:
  13. that doesn't seem like a bad way to live at all:biggrin:
  14. Haha for a second there I actually visualized that and it cracked me up :lol: