Cavuar White Classic vs. Perforated White Classic?

  1. HELP!!! I'm liking both bags.

    Is the white caviar too white? It sure looks bleached white, white (but it's still gray and wintry like here.)

    The perforated is a softer creamier color, but them holes -- are they going to be dirt catchers?

    If money were no object, I'd have one of each but it is an issue so when and if I ever decide, I don't want to regret the choice.

    Oh, another plus for caviar, easier to clean. (That's two for caviar; one for perforated.) Uh oh -- my skin tone does best with warm colors. (They're even again.)
  2. I still liked the caviar better than the perfo...the perfo is also a lot more delicate leather.
  3. caviar for me :smile:
  4. caviar!
  5. I would 100% pick the caviar.
  6. I do like the peforated bags, but would go w/the caviar!
    Never thought that the holes would be dirt catchers- good point.
  7. I, too, vote for caviar. Your point about the perforations as dirt-catchers sold it.
  8. i obviously like the caviar white cuz i bought one :graucho: and you can't go wrong with a classic.
  9. caviar~~~!! easy to maintain...and its timeless....!!
  10. How about a light beige caviar?
  11. Yeah, I think this is better choice than white.
  12. I never thought of those holes as being dirt catchers but it makes sense. No perf for me.
  13. Caviar, its way more classic.
    The perfo is beautiful, but there is no competition between that and the Caviar.
    If you are worried about getting it dirty why not opt for another colour?
  14. Definitely caviar! :yes:

    If you're not sold on the white, how about the beige?
  15. take the caviar- easy to clean and very durable/