Caviar vs Lambskin for small or medium flap for infrequent use..

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Lambskin vs Caviar small/medium flap for infrequent use

  1. Caviar

  2. Lambskin

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  1. Im hoping to have saved enough money by October 2011 to buy my first Chanel; a small or a medium classic flap in black for my 25th. However, like many of you im torn between the luxury yet delicateness of the lambskin yet the durability of the caviar.

    Im leaning towards the lambskin at the minute because my bag wont get used frequently, just for occassions like dinner or something special. But im worried incase I somehow damage it (I recently spilt milk on my Mulberry purse) and its ruined forever.

    Please post your votes, would be good to know which type of leather comes out top and if theres a clear winner :biggrin:
  2. Definitely, definitely, definitely lambskin. SO luxurious and absolutely perfect for infrequent, special occasion use.
  3. lambskin if u only use it for special occasions....and u can save again for caviar for everyday usage!!!
  4. lamb!!
  5. Lamb because its soo beautiful! I remember I used to stare at my cambon cause the quilted parts were sooo puffy! :biggrin:
  6. Lamb! I am using my vintage lambskin mini every day and it's just fine. Doesn't need babying. For the occasional fingernail marks, I just rubbed them and they're gone.
  7. lamb
  8. I wonder who voted for caviar!? Lambskin is JUST SO LUXURIOUS. :heart:
  9. Lambskin! But only if you're not accident prone
  10. lamb for sure, since you'll be using it infrequently!!!
  11. Another vote for lambskin, I have been using my M/L lambskin heaps lately and whilst caviar is great for durability I love the look and feel of the luxurious!
  12. only lamb!
  13. I'm planning my first purchase sometime this spring and I have the same dilemma - lambskin or caviar (an m/l classic flap with silver hardware - on that I have no doubt). I know what I prefer - lambskin, I really don't like grainy leather, but after having read how easily it bruises, I'm worried.
    I'm not obsessed about the mint condition of my stuff, I wear my CLs the way they are, to the asfalt and everything and I don't care if the soles get scratched (they are soles, after all, made for walking) and I love the wrinkles on my older bags, for me it's a demonstration of how much I love them. This bag would be worn almost daily, both to work and out to dinners, and my question is - will it look hideous after a while, or will it just age gracefully, which is an option I don't have a problem with ? Thanks in advance for your advice!
  14. ^yes it will age gracefully with normal wear. Just don't throw it around and it should be fine.
  15. thnx, nighteyes, lambskin it is:yahoo: