Caviar Vanity Case, 224 Reissue or the Prefall caviar boy?? Please help : )

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  1. Hi All TPF friends,

    I am really torn between these 3 bags but I can only choose 1. Which one would you choose?

    See pics below for the 224 reissue ( deep purple ) and the mini two tone caviar vanity case ( the size of which is exactly the same as a square mini as I compared today ). For the Prefall new caviar boy I will go with the black small one.

    BTW price difference is not very big among those 3 bags.

    Thanks for the advice : )

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  2. The 224 reissue ( deep purple )

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  3. Is the vanity case the one in your picture? I saw it yesterday and it is adorable! Such a fun little bag.
  4. Yes, the vanity case is the one in my pic ( mini size ).
  5. This is a tough one but the mini vanity is my choice
  6. reissue all the way! ;)
  7. Thank you for the advice!
  8. Hi ! I love how the vanity case looks and love the black/beige color combination. I tried to put my daily essentials in the case and they fit in nicely : ) I know it will be impossible to have this bag again once it is gone!

    The two things kept me rethinking about the purchase are

    1. Will this style be dated / or will you be tired of this style really soon? It is not classic looking as 224 or boy bags.

    2. The vanity case is quite $$$ considering how tiny it is ( same size like a square mini ). Does it justify that much money?

    Sorry for so many questions. I am quite new to Chanel : ) I only own a few pieces of WOCs and minis.
  9. I vote for the reissue... It is timeless whereas the vanity case will be dated

  10. The 224 is a classic but you are getting it in a non classic color (will you get tired of it?). Also, if resale is something you are thinking about then the 224 reissues don't hold their values as much as the quilted classics.

    I agree the vanity is pricey, I was looking at the medium one in black or beige.

    My advice is get what you love.
  11. I vote for reissue.
  12. I think you should go with whichever one is speaks to you most.
  13. Which bags do u currently have? Without knowing thatvinfo my vote is for the reissue..its classic
  14. Reissue. My feeling is that the vanity case will date despite being on trend now.
  15. Hi, I only have a black quilted woc, a red caviar boy woc, 2 classic quilted minis and a chevron square mini