Caviar totes?

  1. My mom wants to buy a black caviar tote-like bag and she already has the medallion and I have the GST so those are out. I know the cerf tote is not going to work for her, it's too heavy and doesn't work that well on the shoulder. Any other bags, I can't think of any that would suit a mature woman.
  2. in caviar only, no calfskin or distressed calf?
    What about the PST?
  3. PST is too small for her. Calfskin is pretty durable, so I think that would be ok for an everyday bag. I don't think she would go for distressed leather, it's too modern. Nothing too trendy or hip like baby cabas, lol.
  4. how about the cambon tote? that's pretty spaceous and light.
  5. also, check out the Cotton Club Ligne, great camera bag and totes.