Caviar tote at Saks

  1. If anyone knows of a Saks that has the large Caviar tote, please tell me the city and if you can the phone
    number. The Saks in New York and Pittsburgh are out.
  2. which one are you looking for? the one with the gold hardware in the straps?
  3. Last time I checked, Saks in Greenwich, CT ((203) 862-5300) had it. Also, Neiman Marcus in White Plains, NY had one a few days ago ((914) 428-2000, ask for Christine).

    Good luck!
  4. is that one on sale too? I just paid full price for it in Bergdorf...:cry:
  5. I am sure I saw one at Saks NY last night, I guess its gone now.
    It was in sale section for 30% off.
  6. HI KTScrlet You should try Neiman Marcus palo alto, CA. The number is (650) 329-3300. I'm sure they will have the medallion tote there. Are you interested in gold or silver hardware?
  7. They are sold out, but will be getting some in next month. Thanks.

  8. The only credit card I use is Saks, but thanks for the suggestion.
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