Caviar Smell

  1. Hi ladies,

    I want to know whether its just me or are any of you also crazy about the smell of caviar leather??? I'm sooo crazy about it I cant stop smelling my bag..:yahoo:
    Does any of you know when (a year, 6 months) will the smell go away? and is there any way I can preserve the smell of longer? haha:yahoo: Dont mind me if I'm just really crazy about a small thing.=0
  2. Hehe - it does smell nice, huh? I can't remember when mine stopped smelling new though...
  3. I'm busted! LOL!
    EVer since I bought my caviar clutch I've been sniffing it periodically, it's yummy!
  4. Hmmm. Mine doesn't smell. Perhaps I haven't shoved my nose in far enough...

    ((runs off to smell her e/w flap...))
  5. Glad to know I am not the only sniffer:blush:....I like the scent too.
  6. OMG!!!! I just bought my Medallion Tote last weekend and I am crazy about the smell!!!! I keep it under my desk at work and I can smell it from there! I don't want it to go away! I'm glad you started a thread on this...LOL
  7. Your post reminds me that I once had a bag I'd bought in Paris that I wore a lot. I just loved the smell of it, and that smell, more than any perfume, smelled like Paris to me. I kept that bag in it's dustbag long after I stopped carrying it just for it's Paris smell! It took many many years for the smell to finally and sadly disappear...and that's when I finally got rid of the bag. So hopefully, your bag will retain that smell you like.:yes:
  8. My Chanel isn't caviar but it's the CC pochette. That has a smell too although not sure if the same smell you're talking about. I find myself non chalantly sniffing it when my DH isn't looking.

    I just got a new Prada bag today too and they smell divine. I hugged her all the way home like a new puppy!
  9. Oh Yes Oh Yes!!!!! I've just got my black baby cabas last Saturday and I had it with me on the couch for the whole weekend, it smells so wonderfully..the whole room is filled with the is Friday, if I hold it close to my nose...yes the smell is still there....
  10. My Luxe Flap is the same way.
    When I carry it and leave it in the car, overnight or whatever, when I open the door it's all I smell, it's delish!
    I have a MASSIVE SUV and it's leather and I can smell my little Luxe Flap over the leather seats! LOL!
  11. yes yes!! I wrapped mine in its dustbag so as hopefully to preserve the smell.. oww.. does it really go away?? I LOVE... the smell.. I keep sniffing it when my bf isnt looking too!
  12. it does "emits" a smell everytime I use my gst..(as if it is a new bag)....hahaha, u make me
    Fyi, I had it since late Dec...does that answer yr query
  13. Oh guys you really want me make to buy that caviar clutch now :confused1:.

    By the way, I read in wiki, caviar is a fish?? Or something sort of fish, is it true??
  14. I love the smell of a new Chanel Handbag! Its soo yummy and even if I walk on the street / mall I can still smell it!! I wonder if others can smell it too. LOL!
  15. hehe i agree, i love the new caviar smell ..cant get enough of it!