Caviar Red Jumbo in Selfridges UK

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  1. I was in Selfridges in London at lunchtime and they had a red jumbo in caviar with the new chain on display. The price is £1,170.

    They also had in the clear flap with gold hardware, and some amazing python flaps, in navy and gold, £2,270.

    They seemed to have quite a lot in stock.
  2. I saw the same caviar jumbo last Saturday, wasn't sure about it as it was caviar plus the size on me made it look like a postman's bag!

    On Monday I got the red with new chain in the Baguette from Sloane Street instead. The red in the lambskin looks more like a true red than in the caviar. What do you think?
  3. Show us some pics from your new bag, I love to see it! :yes:
  4. Absolutely for sure, :smile: I will take a group shot of all my Chanel stuff next time I am back in the UK again. I think it will be fun unpacking and playing dress up:yahoo:
  5. IK like the new red, but agree that it does seem nicer in the lambskin. I think it somehow shows the colour off more than the caviar. It is lovely though. I was quite proud of myself to walk out of there without buying anything!!!

    Can't wait to see pictures of your new bag.
  6. ChanelBaby,

    Did you see any availability of Red Lambskin or Caviar classic flap in Large size?

    I've been wanting to call Slaone St to enquire but kept forgetting.. :p

    Thanks in advance :smile: