caviar petite shopper

  1. hi ladies,

    I want to know how much does a petite shopper really cost? because i was thinking of getting it when i was in chanel boutique in bellagio, lasvegas last year during the last week of dec. 2007 an SA told me it was 1395usd exlucluding tax and was pretty sure about it coz i went there twice as i was actually thinking about getting it but then i got myself a classic jumbo flap thinking about it, i also want to get the petite shopper as well but when i called Neiman Marcus to order it she told me it was 1795 excluding tax..??? so i was wondering how much is it really... did they have another increase after november?... anyone can help me find how much it cost right now?..

    thanks in advance
  2. I think the price still $1,395 excluding tax. I have Chanel LookBook 2008 and it stated with that price.
  3. 1395 as I just saw one 4 days ago.
  4. Hmmm i thought it was $1350?? geesh
  5. I thought the increase brought them up to $1350 from $1250, possibly they went up a tad more with the new season, that wouldn't be unusual but 1350-1395 is the ball park.
  6. I paid $1350 for mine at the end of December.