Caviar or Lambskin - Chanel classic flap

  1. I just received my Chanel medium classic flap in black caviar and I think it looks a bit rigid and boxy. My boyfriend said it looks like a binoculars case we have!! Lol! The caviar leather almost seems as if it's synthetic because it's tough. I have never seen the lambskin in person so I don't know if it's worth the risk of exchanging it. I want the bag for day and evening wear so I'm worried the bag may get damaged in lambskin. Is it really true that it is that fragile? I don't want to be worrying about using it. Can I have opinions on which is best please - lambskin or caviar?
  2. i also just got a medium classic recently. lambskin is really nice but i chose caviar instead so i don't have to worry about scratches. the texture of the lambskin is so smooth that i'm afraid i'll nick it with my jewelry or keys for example. most members here say caviar is more durable.

    enjoy your new flap :smile:
  3. I collect flaps and have them in several colors, both Caviar and Lambskin, and I find I reserve the latter for evening and special occasions as I worry about scratches and marks. I find Lambskin to wear and mark fairly easily, though I know there are gals who wear their Lambs daily and have no problems. I guess it will depend on how careful you are with your bag :smile:

    Here's a photo of a dark beige Lambskin East/West flap I recently sold. I purchased it a year ago and was only able to wear it one time to dinner.



    And here's another of a red Lambskin East/West flap I also sold--it was never worn and all the flaws came from storage (as recommended, I never store my purses in their original box to allow leather to breath, and I stuff my purses so they retain their shape)



  4. I would get caviar for a flap because I think it would retain it's shape a little better. Lambskin is lovely, but I'd want a flap that I wouldn't have to worry about every time I used it. Lambskin scratches so much more easily than caviar, as you can see from the pictures posted above.

    Caviar's great if you want to get the most wear out of your flap as possible. Lambskin's good if you don't plan on using it that often and if you really know how to baby your bags.

    Also, caviar's easier to clean and simply wipe down.
  5. lambskin easily scratches...therefore, i wuld suggest you to hold on to your caviar instead of changing it to lambskin.

    At least you do not have to worry too much when carryin her. As i have two lambskin flap bags (one is the vintage jumbo and the other is the red e/w flap bag), both bags do show some scratches from my daily use.
  6. Thanks for all your advice. I just think that the lambskin looks more expensive and luxurious. I was a bit disappointed when I received the caviar because it seemed as though you could easily buy a fake and not tell the difference. It almost didn't seem like real leather! Does anyone have a Balenciaga? I have one and I think the leather is quite delicate. Is the lambskin more delicate than this?
  7. Chane lambskin is actually way more delicate compared to Balenciaga leather (which is distressed goatskin, not lambskin). With long-term wear Balenciaga bags may show wear in the corners/from rubbing/etc., but that's about it....and in my experience the main body leather stays in very very good condition and I've never had to baby my Balenciaga's. Also, with Balenciaga's distressed leather, the bag gets slouchier with wear and most B-bags actually look better after it's been thoroughly used/"broken-in" than brand new. This can't really be said of most Chanel lambskin bags (unless it's from a ligne where the lambskin has a protective coating on it) as lambskin shows wear easily and I think most Chanel lambskin bags look better when brand new (than used). Generally speaking you can sit a Balenciaga bag on the floor or on the ground (not that any of us would want to, but just mentioning in case) and have nothing happen to it, while for a Chanel lambskin bag if you sit it on a rough surface it's going to show scratches immediately. All in all I'd say Balenciaga leather is more suited for everyday wear. But Chanel caviar leather is of course non-destructible and more durable than Balenciaga's!
  8. Foxycleopatra, this is great advice, thank you. Does anyone know if the caviar softens up a little with age, maybe improves a little with age? It just seems so hard and synthetic!!
  9. I do own balenciaga bags....but the leather for balenciaga seems more distressed look and sometimes it can be veiny. but lambskin is different, it's really very delicate and once it gets scratches, it's not easy to remove or rather even the chanel store are not able to help much too. Yes, i do agree that lambskin leather looks more classy and nicer than the caviar leather due to the texture, however, caviar leather looks rough and sturdy.:tup:
  10. The lambskin is really beautiful but I chose caviar since I don't want to worry about it either. I think everyone agrees that lambskin is gorgeous, but when I told Chanel SAs that I would be using the bag for more than just evening, they agreed that caviar was the better choice. Plus the caviar leather *smells* so good! :yes:
  11. I think I'm almost convinced I made the right choice now. But say for example I scratched quite lightly across the lambskin with my nail, would it leave a mark? is it that sensitive?
  12. Yep, would definitely leave a mark if you do that :yes:
  13. Yep I completely agree with Nat, it would scratch that easily, but sometimes the feel and look of the lambskin, outweighs the scratch marks ;)

    It depends on your personality. I have a hybrid bag in destressed leather, its incredibly scratched up, but I adore it for that. And I dont think scratch marks on my lambskins bother me either. Only you truly know what you are like if your bag has scratchmarks on it :smile:
  14. And I agree with CB, nothing beats the look and feel of lambskin :heart:

    With my first lambskin flap I was so terrified to use it, it felt to me like it would get scratched by only looking at it. :wtf: But nowadays I don't mind that anymore, you just have to be more careful than with the caviar leather.

    But since you're planning to use your medium flap day and night, the caviar would be the best choice :yes:
  15. Chloe-Babe, that's exactly what I was thinking. I like distressed bags, like Balenciagas, and I like my bags to look well-used, not pristine, which is why I'm veering towards lambskin but i'm not sure if a classic chanel is too structured to pull off the distressed, scratched look. Because i have never seen a lambskin in person, let alone a used and scratched one, it's hard to say. I don't know if it's worth risking forking out another 100GBP for lambskin when it could end up looking a mess!