Caviar or lamb skin flap should

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  1. I am totally new to Chanel ,so forgive me if I sound ignorant .I want to buy a preloved flap bag .Which in your opinion should I go for .Is a particular leather more expensive and durable than the other .Does the medium flap still holds its price .TIA
  2. Caviar for beginners
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  3. There is no price difference between caviar and lambskin if you buy it brand new from the store, however I noticed the caviar medium flap usually price higher than the lambskin in the preloved market. Caviar def more durable and scratch resistance than lambskin. I have a mini rectangular in lambskin and eventhough I always careful when I carry it, it got colour transfer really fast. Lambskin feels and looks nicer than caviar.
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  4. If you buy Vintage Lambskin with the gold plated hardware, the leather is more durable (in my opinion). Usually anything that's 13 series and below has amazing lambskin leather. Vintage caviar is somewhat rare and is usually more expensive that lambskin. Newer models fetch the same price.
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