Caviar mini boston

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  1. Just got off the phone with Anthony @ Saks Orlando and Caviar mini boston is 40% off! Original $1225 to Sale $734.90.

    He said several black or pink is available if you hurry!

    Call him at 407-816-5441

    He's super super nice!
  2. what does that look like? Any pics please?
  3. is that the one the looks like a Dr bag?
  4. Yes! Great bag, wish I carried handbags instead of shoulder bags once in a while!
  5. Thanks so much Gummybear! I just called Anthony. He's really nice. :smile:
  6. Me too :sad:
  7. It is a very cute bag. I sent a friend to look at it IRL last week and she said it is small. That's the only thing holding me back!
  8. The measurements on that auction say "10,5" long;6" tall exclusive of handles;4.5" handles;3,75" wide" It dosen't sound too small unless you like bigger bags :biggrin:
  9. You are welcome!
    Isn't he? :love: I will call him on all my Chanel question from now on.

    I just love a great bargain and just spreading the good news.
  10. OMG, the temptation. BUT, I must be good and wait for the fall bags to come out.. *sniffle*
  11. I know... I am waaay over my budget but I have been wanting this bag for a while now and with 40% off, what a girl to do ? :graucho:
  12. Congrats Gummybear - post a pic when you get it
  13. Because you've been wanting it you were smart to buy it at the sale price. I caved and did that with my Reporter when it went on sale because I had been lusting after it for over a year.

    Now to buy a bag you're not crazy about just because it's on sale, that wouldn't be prudent. In this instance, you did the right thing! :biggrin:
  14. That is such a cute bag, maybe I should get that instead of my bowler!
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