Caviar Mini Boston

  1. Hey everyone: I'm usually stalking the Chloe board, but since I saw this bag posted online, I can't get it out of my head. Does anyone know anything about it? Own one? I've perused the board a bit, but can't find any pics. I'm thinking of stopping by my Chanel store this weekend, since I'm pretty sure now this is the next bag for me. What colors is it sold in? What is the price point? Will I have better success finding it at NM or at the actual Chanel store.

  2. do u mean caviar bowler?
  3. this bag:

    @ www (dot) pursepage (dot) com


    =so cute!:heart::heart::heart:

  4. I'm going to try to post an actual link since the other one was so difficult. I hope this one works:

    I called the local Chanel store, but they've never heard of it. I'm starting to fear the bag is fake. How sad to fall in love with a fake bag :crybaby: