Caviar Medallion tote part of the permanent collection?

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  1. Is this line here for a while? I would love to get one after seeing all the wonderful PF'ers with theirs.

    TIA :flowers:
  2. Yea it is =)

    certain colors are limited though
  3. please get one ! :smile:
    its such a lovely bag
  4. i really like the black caviar with the silver medallion :love: ... medallion.... :yes:
  5. the grande shopper in caviar ( the one like swankymom's ) is permanent also right? i am torn between these 2 bags... :love:
  6. Yes, but again, some colors will not become permanent.
    Both the Medallion an Grand Shopper are the same price though, but the Grand Shopper is quite a bit roomier IMO.
  7. Thanks so much SwankyMama :flowers:
    I first saw lvbabydolls navy Grand Shopper and feel in love with the style.Then I saw your pics with your Grand Shopper. I really like the looked great by the way!
    I was lovin' the Medallion but it seems it might be harder to get into.

    I might be leaning towards trying to save for the Grand Shopper..:yes:
  8. I agree {thanks BTW!}, I LOVE the MEdallion, but I carry big wallets and travel wipees, etc. . . I couldn't get my things in/out easily from teh Medallion when I tried it on. I love the Grand because it's a true "tote" it's open so you can quickly get in/out.
    But there's a decent sized center zipped compartment for wallets or whatever you want to zip in.
  9. Go for the Grand! The straps are so much better looking than the Medallion's.
  10. I have both bags but I must say that I love the medallion more.
  11. That is the one I have. It is beautiful.
  12. I totally agree. I love the chain w/ leather strap on top of the shoulder combo. Thats what drew me to the bag in general. It's definitely on my to get list! But go to the store & try them both on & see which one fits you better!