Caviar Material: are there TWO kinds??

  1. Ladies,
    I got my Chanel medium black caviar flap bag back in November, but I haven't used it. I noticed you ladies mention that there are two kinds of caviar leather material? What's the difference? Which one's better? How could I tell which caviar I got?? thx
  2. Are you referring to the matte (new) caviar and the shiny (old) caviar? The difference is self-explanatory by those names alone. :smile: I'm not sure exactly when the matte/new caviar was released, but since you got it in November.. I bet you have the shiny/old caviar. If you want, you could post photos and I'm sure someone could help you identify it.
  3. I bought mine in Nov and mine is the old cav.
    I'm pretty sure the new cav stuff only came in recently with the newer season stuff? (ie. new GST etc)... Or am I thinking of washed caviar vs normal caviar?
  4. There are really three types of caviar.

    (1) Old caviar with a glossy finish.
    (2) "New" caviar with a matte finish.
    (3) Then there's the LATEST caviar which is washed and is also matte, but softer than caviar 2.
  5. Missisa is right! I actually saw the newest soft caviar yesterday..i'm sorry to say that it looked more like the so called "man made leather" which many car companies use on the sits of their cars and it's not actually leather .I do hope I am mistaken and this is not the case with Chanel's newest caviar!:sad:
  6. ^I personally LOVE the washed caviar, but I do realize that a lot of people don't seem to like it compared to the shinier caviar. :nogood: I do find it odd that Chanel is dabbling with different kinds of leathers.

    I forgot, there's also distressed caviar as well.
  7. I would love to see some comparision pics of the matt, washed and the distressed!!!

    gosh!! who knows there could be so many caviars!!

    missisa07 : thank you so much, you opened up my eyes to the brand new world of "caviar leather" :smile:
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    I have a white caviar but it look dull and not shiny like my black caviar. So I think my white caviar is matte finish. But it seems like will get scratch easy. can I take care of it ? And will it durable like the shiny one ??thanks
  9. Missisa07 nailed it on the head!
    I agree, not a fan of the 'easy caviar' or the latest one, I think after use these bags will look really worn/old/squashed