Caviar Leather Question

  1. Does the Caviar tote come in different leather? I seen some that are more grainy than others.

  2. Caviar is the leather. . . The tote you're thinking of may come in something other than caviar though{?}
    Which tote?
  3. I was looking through pictures and was thinking the Caviar medallion tote.
  4. I'm sorry, I'm not exactly sure what you're asking.:shame:

    Are you asking what colors the Medallion comes in? All of them are in caviar.
  5. caviar is all the same. Some might be more grainy because of the particular piece of leather or the color of the leather.

    They don't come in anything but caviar.
  6. Thanks swankyMama and Yorelica! That clears it up for me. My dad has been wanting to surprise my mom with this bag and he said he wanted the grainy (opposed to smooth) leather. Guess he doesnt have that choice.

    Which color Medallion is more popluar?
  7. The black is probably their best seller.
    Caviar is FABULOUS! It's finely textured and totally durable!
  8. for your mom? I say black also. its gorgeous.

    btw your dad is very sweet. the smooth leather is not caviar - so your dad does not need to worry. he will get the grainy txture if he gets caviar. cheers
  9. Thanks again! :flowers: :flowers: