Caviar Jumbo in Grey ........or......... Grey Reissue 226

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  1. I'm thinking of purchasing my next Chanel bag. However, I cant decide which bag should I buy! I am a teenager with a petite shape, 5"3 tall. Normally, I wear jeans. So, which of these bags are better on me?

    Caviar Jumbo in Grey .................OR................ Grey Reissue 226?

    :smile:Thank you:smile:
  2. Which Chanels are in your collection now? Personally, I'd go with the grey reissue 226 (this is on my wishlist). I think the 226 is the perfect size bag. It can transition from day to night, casual to dressy. But the caviar jumbo flap would the better option if you need an everyday bag.
  3. Oooh both are lovely bags! And to add to the difficult choice to make, both are the same color u're deciding upon! hehe

    I've got a grey reissue 226 and i love it to bits! I guess my vote goes to her ! :biggrin:
  4. Since I have both, I can't really take sides so I'd say get both. :P

  5. i'd pick the jumbo!
  6. Love the grey reissue!
  7. go for jumbo!!

    burberryprncess: GOSH! they are pretty. love the gold hw on jumbo ^^
  8. I prefer the reissue, personally, but they're both really gorgeous bags!!!
  9. I LOVE this color... My vote is with the 226.
  10. I'll vote for the reissue :heart:
  11. another vote for reissue, both caviar jumbo and reissue can be casual, but reissue dress up much better than caviar jumbo kwim?
  12. jumbo
  13. I vote for the reissue ;)
  14. reissue bec i prefer the size of the 226 :biggrin:
  15. Since U said UR teenager go for jumbo, I'm sure you will wear it most of the time,cos reissue is kinda more 4 30+ ladies :roflmfao: like me!