Caviar Jumbo Flap - Beige w/Silver Hardware

  1. Has anyone ever seen a beige Chanel Caviar Jumbo Flap with Silver Hardware. I could swear that I have seen a picture of one on this site that is owned by someone going by the username of Alaska. I just purchased a black w/silver hardware and would love a beige one at some point. I just visited a Chanel store and was told by the SA that Chanel does not offer that color combination. I did not ask her if it was just for this season or has always been the case. I also saw a two-toned lambskin Medium Flap and was wondering if Chanel ever made the two-toned in a Jumbo -- Caviar or Lambskin. Thanks.
  2. i'm pretty sure it exists.. i have a med/large with silver hw so why wouldnt it be in jumbo?
  3. I thought I have seen one also.
  4. I Saw One On eBay
  5. yes, there's a beige jumbo flap with silver HW:yes:. my friend has it;)

    GL on your search...
  6. Yep, I tried one at at Saks about a year ago.
  7. Yes there is one. I have one. Alaska has one too. If you can look her up a pic of it is in her signature
  8. Thank you to everyone who answered. I believe what the SA at Chanel meant was that maybe there was not one offered this season or maybe she was just trying to get me to purchase the black w/silver hardware, which I ultimately did from Bloomingdales. At least I know that it is offered so that I can purchase it at a later date.
  9. Yes there is, u may wanna to try other stores if they have one as they may be hiding someone at one corner waiting for u to hunt her down...GL in ur search~~
  10. Hey French- it is offered- I believe mine is from Spring 2007, I need to double check, but yep- it is out there, maybe it just wasn't available? Try Saks in Beverly Hills- they had a Beige Jumbo and I can't remember what type of HW....
  11. Alaska thanks to much. My other question is with regards to color transfer from jeans, etc. onto the lighter colored bag. Has this happened to you and if so how did you clean the bag. Although I have had no desire in the past to own a white purse, I have fallen completely in love with the white Jumbo Flap w/silver hardware. I am torn between my next purchase being the white or beige. My only fear is stains and such. I am a very casual person who loves to wear jeans and sweats on the weekend and although most all of my jeans are pretty well faded, I fear that other types of clothing could pose a problem. Any advice.
  12. ^bump...I'm interested to hear also (regarding white bags) and any potential problems as well. I'm also a very casual person...jeans, etc. and mine are pretty faded too.

    LOVE the white jumbo also!!:love::sweatdrop:
  13. I wear non expensive jeans (old navy) and I haven't had a problem~~ I believe baby wipes could clean off the transfer- which is totally possible with light colored bags- but caviar is pretty durable and should withstand baby wipes.

    Another suggestion is using Apple Guard Conditioner (not cleaner) to clean off stains.....but that may be for lamb type leather (I don't see why it wouldn't work for Caviar though)

    but- :shrugs: caviar is pretty tough IMO- :biguns:
  14. Thank you Alaska.

    I think that I am now more comfortable with the decision to make my next Chanel purchase that of a lighter color. I will more than likely go with the beige and hopefully I will be able to find one with silver hardware when the time comes. I am just about to return a chocolate brown GST w/silver hardware that I ordered from Saks prior to deciding on the Jumbo. The color is absolutely gorgeous and I am also hoping that when the times comes that I can find another style that I like in that color combo. There are tons of that color styles in the lambskin, but not caviar. Any thoughts.