Caviar Jumbo arrived

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  1. I just received a Chanel caviar jumbo, it is gorgeous :wlae:
    hopefully I attached the picture correctly.
  2. neat. is it a vintage??
  3. no, the gold zipper pull on the interior pocket is the one used on recent bags.
  4. Did you buy it at a Chanel boutique?
  5. It's great, congrats!
  6. Is this a new style -- the flap part is different?
  7. congrats.
  8. It's beautiful! how much did u pay for it?
  9. Yes, the proportions of the flap and the chain seem different than what I'm accustomed to seeing on the current jumbos. Perhaps it is vintage, or a new bag?
  10. our client purchased it overseas recently when she was on vacation.
  11. I guess she is trying to sell this bag. Selling is prohibited here.
  12. Im confused:confused1:, congrats anyway.
  13. This bag doesn't look like a normal jumbo... She is selling it on her website.
  14. H O T !!!
  15. Hi kat, I'm removing your signature because we don't allow any self promotion here at all.
    You may post photos of your bags, but please do not ever insinuate they're for sale or anything remotely close. Members caught advertising, selling, trading or buying here may be banned.

    That said, this bag was at my NM this week, it's very unique!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.