Caviar in rain?

  1. I know this is a silly question but I was wondering if caviar could be worn in the rain or do you need to spray it with water repellent? Thanks!
  2. i would like to know too. the last two times i got caught in the rain with my bag...

    * i put it into a plastic bag, then put that bag into my boyfriend's bag :roflmfao:
    * i left the bag locked up in a drawer at work

  3. Ok so I am extremely anal with my purses, to the point where I wont even let my bf hold it, and I take out my caviar Chanels in the rain without spraying aything on it :wtf: nothing has happened to any of them so far :smile:

    now that is durability!
  4. ^ oh that is good to know! i will feel more confident in taking it out even when it is sprinkling!
  5. i have been caught in the rain and snow with my caviar medallion tote, and yes you can wear it in th rain:nuts: . just make sure you dry it once you get out of the rain.
  6. That's the beauty of Caviar. Durability!
  7. YUP YUP caviar is excellent for durability. :yes: The rain droplets just stays on top of the leather.. no soaking, staining or leaving water marks! And i haven't sprayed anything on any of my bags! :p

  8. Luccibag, you look amazingly stunning in your avatar. I wished i looked that gorgeous when i was expecting.
  9. I wear my black baby cabas in the probs here.its the best bag I own by far!
  10. Luccibag, I love your new avatar. You look so beautiful. When is your baby due? I was wondering that the other day.
  11. A bit off topic...

    If I'm carrying a really special bag and I think I might get caught in the rain, I also take a plastic bag with me, just in case I need it for protection... Then I don't worry about rain anymore... :p
  12. Good Idea Jayne...
  13. definitely!!
  14. Hmm, what a great question! I was wondering about that too. All the more reason to get caviar. I've always leaned towards lambskin for the nice gloss but I realise that doesn't last very long.

    Do you girls think that caviar is more durable for rainy weather than LV mono or Damier?
    How about PATENT leather? Is patent leather durable for rainy use?
  15. I think the caviar leather has some coating on it that gives it a little sheen and this coating kind of protects the leather. I dont think that LV mono or damier has the same kind of coating. Nevertheless, I still think all 3 will be quite alright with a little rain! ;)

    Patent leather is good with a lil rain too. The raindrops just slide off the leather! :yes: But thats just my opinion.. hehe :shame: