Caviar eastwest bag as evening bag

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  1. Do you think that this bag would be nice (as compared to the lambskin version) as an evening bag?
  2. sure!:yes:
  3. Absolutely. I love the east/west bags and the yummy colours they come in :drool:
  4. yes definitely ..
  5. sure thing. THat's going to work of course. It's cute and elegant.
  6. it's perfect as an evening bag. very classic!
  7. i use my caviar east west bag as an evening bag all the time. i actually prefer the caviar over the lambskin, because you don't have to worry about the leather getting scratched or damaged.
  8. I dun see why not hun! Its just the rite size for all ur things like cell, cc holder, phone and a lipstick!
  9. Thanks for all your input! I was just wondering if the caviar looks too casual to have that chic and dressy evening look. Hubby really thinks that the lambskin one will get scratched easily. I'm going back and forth trying to decide which one I should buy. Can anyone else share their experiences with the lambskin bags in general? Is it that easy to ruin the leather?