Caviar cluthes are gone...

  1. I just called Saks Fifth Avenue in Pittsburgh and a SA told me she only has 2 and they're gone. I then called Chanel boutique in Dallas. A lovely SA told me there's a waitlist for that. So far there're about 25 people on it. I didn't know it's such a hassle just to get a bag as a gift to myself. :sad:
  2. Sorry! I was lucky enough to snag one, but those sure did sell like hotcakes. Most of the SA's say they're coming back in again before the holidays. Hope you can get one soon. I love mine.
  3. try chicago. i saw one there last week. 312.787.5500...
  4. You should call a NM as well!
  5. No, Neiman Marcus is completely sold out. They blew out the moment they were featured in one of the recent catalogues. We are on back order until December. If one needs it now, I'd try one of the boutiques.
  6. breakfast lover, what color are you looking for?
    the scp boutique here in southern cali had them in the blue and the purple a week and a half ago...
  7. I've heard that NM is getting one more shippment before xmas.
  8. they were everywhere. I rem in aug the sf nm had a few and this russian women who was visiting was buying 2 of them as a gift...lucky
  9. how much are they going for?
  10. i think $895.
  11. ^ 995$
  12. The cavier is 895.00 and the lambskin is 995.00. I got the dark grey, cavier and it is a true grey-just lovely. I wanted the black-yes its been SOLD OUT for some time.
    If you really want it and can't wait-try another color-it comes in purple, denim blue, grey and black in cavier and black and white in lambskin. I got mine at boutique @ Madison Ave. I kept the grey and have had nothing but rave reviews -everyone loves the color!!!!!!!