Caviar Clutch and much more available at NM-Chanel

  1. Okay, so I went to pick up my Ritz bag ;) and I had to stop an stare at all the new bags:love: ....they have so much inventory right now. Here are the majors:

    Black/Black Largest one
    Beige/Beige Mini

    Modern Chain flaps- red and blue and black
    MC: Small Tote- black

    Cloudy Bundle Bowlers- Beige, Black.....
    Cloudy Bundle Tote: White and Black

    Caviar Clutch as seen in the Catalog!!(I reserved this as they only have two in their system(all of NM) but are getting more-I may not buy it but I am considering...)

    Grand Shopping Totes in White caviar/silver, Black caviar/gold, Brown caviar/silver

    Classic Flaps in Brown Caviar/silver(jumbo and medium), Black caviar/silver(jumbo and med), Beige lamb/silver(medium)

    Mademoiselle Flap in brown lamb

    Diamond Shine flap in black

    Tons of outdoor bags- hobo, grand shopper, small tote, bowler/dr.'s bag

    Small luxury bowler in coral

    Luxury Line Square bowler in Khaki(I think it's the same one I declined...odd)

    Gorgeous belts(one with HUGE CC-silver)

    Tons of wallets and jewelry....too many more to mention....I know I left a TON out.....

    So, I walked out with my Ritz, reserved the clutch and bought the belt(will be sent as the size they had was too large).

    So, I am thinking that not enough people in Tampa know that there is a new Chanel Boutique in NM because they have way too many bags :s with an overly friendly sales staff. Karen is my FAV. She will find ANYTHING!!:yahoo:
  2. wow, did you take notes?
  3. <embarassed> yes, I did. Karen gave me a sheet of paper and a pen and I "took inventory" for everyone while I was waiting for her to find the belt I wanted my my size. Pathetic, I know but they had soooo many great bags that I could not resist! if I had unlimited resources, I would have wiped the place clean.
  4. Julieanne, pleaseee post a pic of your new belt!
  5. NICE!!! So were are my pics?:shrugs: :lol:
  6. Started a thread with my new pics....the belt is on its way. I had to order it as the one they had was too big.
  7. i love the chanel caviar clutch...go and take the plunge! get it get get it! the purple color is divine too!
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