Caviar Clutch $895 *pics*

  1. I don't know if this was posted yet or not but I remember some members asking about a Chanel bag for around $800.

    I just got a new NM catalog today and this was on the cover:

    Black quilted caviar leather clutch with gunmetal CC closure (Made in Italy) $895.
  2. ohhh this is what one of our members just got! gorgeous!
  3. You beat me to it! I got that today too and it's sitting on top of my scanner waiting! LOL!
  4. WOW! Such a beauty! Thanks for the pic!!
  5. Does anyone know if this has just come out or is it quite old??

    I have not seen one in the Sydney, Australia store but would VERY much like to know if it just hasn't hit our shores yet?
  6. wow! A much better deal than the new LV clutch
  7. Beautiful- I want one!!!
  8. Swanky, you got one :yahoo: . Hope you're going to post some pics. I saw this bag at a trunk show in lambskin but it wasn't structured for a clutch and it was in bad shape. Then I saw this bag in caviar and LOVE it. I think I'm going to get a black one as well. OMG, my list just keeps getting bigger and bigger :shrugs:.
  9. No, I don't have the bag! I have the catalog! LOL!
  10. I love it HAVE to have it, this may be the other bag I purchase on vacation!!! Can't wait!
  11. It's so classy!!!!!!!
  12. Very nice!! must see it in person and may get this instead of the new LV satin line clutch!
  13. Beautiful bag! I just subscribed to the Neiman catalogs and got a credit card while I was at it so I could get all these great catalogs that you ladies are always taking pictures from. I got jealous and felt like I was missing out! LOL!
  14. ^Make sure you order something, anything once in a blue moon, they'll quickly drop you if you never order anything :sad:
  15. Really! That's a bummer but I'm sure I can find something to order!! :smile: