Caviar Classic Flaps in 'Beige' Tones

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  1. Hi Girls,

    I'm new, and am thinking of getting a beige (preferably very pale) caviar classic flap in either the medium or large size. Does anyone have dimensions and/or pics?

    Quotes from Australian Chanel:
    $2603AU MEDIUM
    $2740AU LARGE

    Also think the beige looks more modern/young with the silver hardware? *i'm 22*

    Thanks :smile:

    PS: Am heading to NYC, Vegas and LA in june-july, do stores over there have constant stock of the classic flaps in different caviar colours?
  2. also, is the classic beige like a dark caramel, or is it more of a pale colour? i've seen two types of beige on the forums?
  3. Well, this season there is a very pale beige in classic flaps, but I believe it only comes in the "new chains" style. The classic, leather woven chain purse comes in the classic beige, which is a darker mustard color.

    At least, that's what I've seen.
  4. Yes, this season they have the one like mustard color. I have it and I love it! :biggrin: Check the Reference Library, I posted it under Photos of your Flaps, Reissues, etc.
  5. As far as the true "classics", I believe the 2 colors are called beige (caramel) and light beige (this one actually looks beige to me). And some other variations that may come out seasonally. This will be great choice since it is so versatile!
  6. Australia is still cheaper than the States. Last year, I bought my Mademoiselle flap at NM in OC for $2500 and my friend bought the exact same bag in Aus for $2200 :cursing:

    Are you in Melb or Sydney? If you're in Melb, you should have a look at the beige diamond stitch flap. It's a very light beige, you might like it. The price is reasonable as well $2100 :tup: I just bought it last week and i'm in love with it :heart: