Caviar classic flap purple east-west sighting

  1. If anyone wants a caviar purple east-west bag, there's one at NM in Palo Alto. It was so cute - was tempted to buy it but remembered I had to save money for my vacation so I had to refrain. I believe the price was $1050.

    They had accordian purses, one in purple and 2 in black.

    There was also a coral medium luxury bowler, small white/off white? luxury bowler and white/off white flap bag, if anyone needs one!
  2. what hardware did they have in the offwhite flap and do you remember what size it was? also do you have their number? :smile:
  3. Sorry, I meant to say white/off white luxury flap bag, I didn't mean classic flap bag. :shame:

    In case anyone needs NM's number it's (650) 329-3300.
  4. I saw purple east-west in Chanel boutique at the SCP in Costa Mesa, CA. Give them a call as well.
  5. Saw the purple in Chanel Boutique San Francisco. Saw the plum in medium classic also. Nice color.
  6. oh man. must stop by NM soon. This sounds GORGEOUS
  7. I saw the purple east-west this weekend at the Chanel boutique in SF and fell in love. :love: Just can't decide if I should go with purple or black. Black would probably be more versatile but the purple is gorgeous! :flowers:
  8. Please, what is the accordian purse?
  9. The accordian was folded on the sides similar to the one that I have included in this picture from Personalshoppers.

    It also had a piece of leather on the top that rested on your shoulders and the shoulder straps were chain straps.

    Chanel Accordian Flap Side (Small).jpg