Caviar classic flap in light beige

  1. Anyone got a picture of this particular colour? is it similar to ivory/off white or are they all the same? i'm new to Chanel and not sure about their colour names :shame:
    Thanks beforehand
  2. Oh I have 2 light beige ( I love it more than white ) hehe but I dont have pictures yet... its beautiful i can assure you :smile:
  3. their different names. Off-white is offwhite and beige is beige. light beige is inbetween the whiteoff and beige. A lot younger.
  4. Thanks! I was looking for a medium white, but my Chanel store only had black, beige and coral. A friend of mine is overseas and the Chanel store there has them in light beige, searched the forum but couldn't find a pic of light beige :sad: thanks for your help :flowers:
  5. Good luck trying to find a white... they fly off of the shelves. I bought a white flap (east/west version) yesterday and returned it today b/c it was damaged!!
  6. The beige I see at my Chanel is more like a camel color.
  7. Oh noo, hopefully they can find another one for you...:Push:
    Is white really that hard to find? :sad:
  8. I went to my Chanel store again today and had a different SA but she didn't seem to understand the difference b/w beige and light beige and cream, and got me even more confused :shrugs:
  9. Yup thats the classic beige they have every season :smile:
  10. Oh Im sorry to hear that jap, hmm you know white is not hard to find during certain SEASONS ie. feb/march is full of white chanels.

    When i got my east/west in white there was 3 of them and 3 double flaps all in white. And then when I was in Vegas May I saw 6 or more too. lol. So i think its all dependent on the luck hehe :smile:

    I say you should get light beige its more beauitful than the white because a lot of the Chanel white is not white white its a dark white or something else

  11. If you ever see any in white.... just let me know... PLEASE!!!

    Thank you so much!!!
  12. japskvit,
    It is the classic flap in off white you want, correct? What size? What hardware? I will get on it asap in the morning and try to locate it for you from this side. If so, I will email you the exact shop, the SA, and any additional information you might need. I am just about to just out of my skin that you have those reference numbers for the 2.55 cruise bags .I am just so excited about this.
  13. Hehe Jap: you can call any canadian boutiques they have it. I dont know if they ship to US... Just make sure you save one reissue 227 for me. lol... As you already know i am having problems :sad:
  14. Mia: here you can see the difference. None of the ones in my beige family are the classic beige. its a lighter and younger beige hope that helps.

    I personally think you shud get the light beige from overseas and not wait for white.

  15. I know for sure Calgary Chanel does NOT have anything in white left, and they didn't have the east-west style in stock as of last week... the SA's said they sold out of all their white caviars. Perhaps Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal will have more selection if you're looking up here?