Caviar Classic Flap East-West Colors

  1. Can someone please tell me whether the Classic Flap East-West style comes in pink? TIA:flowers:
  2. i have seen it in pink with gold hardware
  3. OMG! Really? Are they still selling it? I need a SKU# ... I LOVE East-West style bags~
  4. wait, easy west is the classic flap, right?
    I think i saw one at Neimans at tyson corner , it was medium size
  5. The East-West one looks like the Classic Flap but is a bit longer and more rectangular looking.
  6. It comes in different colors every season... I haven't seen pink, but if you call the Chanel 800 number... they can find one for you 800-550-0005
  7. Thanks Japskivt! I'll try my luck there.:yes:
  8. Never saw the pink, only the fall colors, black/gold, black/silver
    brown/silver, drk red/silver, gray/silver, navy/silver, off-white/silver, purple/silver. Goodluck!
  9. I don't think it comes in pink, it came out last year in black, white, and red, and this year they have the colors chanellvgirl listed above.
  10. hmm i wonder what the off-white looks like? kind od eggshell or more beige?
  11. Kou, I want this one too but in purple or black. :yes: Hope you can find a pink one!

  12. I love the East-West bag. I want to buy it, but I can't decide the colour. Which colour would you recommend for a young girl? I'm just 18, and I don't want it in black because I have lots of black purses. Please post pics if you can.
  13. I recommend dark blue!! I think it's very edgy, given that you gotta be careful when choosing a color for caviar, the texture of the caviar makes the bag looks more mature sometime, so I think dark blue is the best!! This is a picture of mine!!

    White is also a nice color, but I returned my white coz I just kept worrying that it will get dirty easily.
    10. Dark Blue Caviar East-West Classic Flap Bag.JPG
  14. I love your handbag! Do you mind if I ask you how much it costs? When buying a bag I always think in the colours of my clothes. And probably that colour will clash with most of them.
    Do you think that beige would be too serious for me?
  15. I think beige on caviar looks older.....I wouldn't buy beige on caviar, I am 26....

    My bag was $1050 in USD, just bought it last month.
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