Caviar Chevron boy

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  1. Sorry if this is already covered elsewhere but I couldn't find it. I've seen the silver one featured here but does it come in other colors? Is it normal caviar or "easy caviar" like the seasonal flaps?

    Thank you in advance!
  2. Does anyone have more info on this boy? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465502620.481370.jpg
  3. It was described in a Chanel Facebook group as dark silver with black hardware but I'm wondering if it's the same lighter silver in dark lighting.
  4. Yes it is

  5. Yes it is the lighter silver?
  6. Hmm, could this be jacked up lighting? Or is it really dark silver :O My SA showed me this boy at BG but it was light silver with the aged hardware, the caviar was really nice it was the stiff regular caviar like on the classics! Imagine if this had the black hardware, then I need to know who has it ASAP!

  7. After some research, I'm thinking it is unfortunately dim lighting on the light silver. It was listed as a dark silver in a Facebook group and it got me excited.
  8. How common are caviar chevron boys? I am really liking the chevron look but not been drawn to the chevron jumbo. I know there have been chevron calf and herringbone calf but has chevron caviar been done before? I'm wondering whether to get this silver or to wait for a different color. I think it is a nice neutral but not sure if the metallic sheen will wear well.
  9. Aw :sad: I was kind of hoping for that darker color with black hardware! I was really interested in this and my SA said the finish isn't like a metallic sheet finish instead it's like colored leather, so it shouldn't flake or peel, which makes me feel better lol. I personally haven't seen a chevron caviar boy before, and I'm not a fan of the new caviar boys so I might bite the bullet and get this
  10. Hmmmm I think it most likely is metallic.... From my point of view the bag is very cool, but will be a diva. I've had a lot of Chanel bags and I believe this one isn't what we've all been waiting for-a metallic color that doesn't rub off 😕 But like I told OP in a different thread, it's gorgeous!!

  11. I worry about that you. What does it look like after rub off? Is it just less shiny or does the color itself come off?
  12. What are your guys' thoughts on this tote? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465567959.732196.jpg