Caviar bag owners, is it really as worry-free as everyone says?

  1. How long have you had your caviar bags? Are there scratches yet? Do you condition or treat the leather in anyway?

    I'm *this* close to getting a medallion tote (I'm taking LV Duomo off my wish list). Just want to make sure the caviar really is tough & will take a beating. What about the leather lining on the inside? Is it just normal leather? Will it get scratched by keys, pens, etc?

    Thanks so much for your help.
  2. I did own a caviar and it was very durable leather and low maintenance.
  3. i have the medallion in pink caviar and i love her.. just wipe her dwn and go--no need to treat.
  4. I love caviar leather! I was swinging my medallion tote like an idiot and somehow lost grip of the handles and it launched into the air and bounced on the concrete. I carefully inspected my tote and not a single scratch! So yes, the leather is extremely durable and low maintenance
  5. I want to know too. Does white caviar get color transfer?
  6. i have a black caviar tote and yes its low maintenance, i practically dont have to worry about the bag..its scratch proof and very sturdy

    hmmm about the white, i am not too sure about it but anything white tends to need TLC when in use :smile:
  7. I have a black caviar small bag with zipper closure and long chain entwined with leather. The caviar requires no maintenance at all and always looks good. It doesn't show scratches or anything. I love it!
  8. my classic 2.55 is caviar - had it for 2 years - not a problem yet. My cabas is brown caviar and that does have scratches - its inevitable with the type of leather but you know what, it for me is like your fav pair of jeans or your fav leather jacket that is worn just right and it becomes individual and unique and the cabas looks distressed anyway so i think a minor scratch here and there does not deter from its beauty but add to the unique character of the bag and makes it a Chanel.
  9. i agree with all the posts... caviar is very durable.
  10. Same here,and mine is in PINK!!:P :P
  11. Thanks all. You've convinced me caviar is the way to go. Now I just have to decide between the gold or silver medallion, lol.
  12. AAH! What a tramatic chanel experience.
    Good test too of how well it held up.
    Thanks for the info here.
  13. My white caviar flap is as white as the day I bought it. I love her. Here is a pic of her recently this week. I've had her since March.
    chanel portrait 2.jpg