Caviar Baby Cabas?????

  1. I have a chance to get a black caviar baby cabas!!!!:yahoo:
    But the only thing that worrys me is that it looks quite stiff at the photos. I love kind of melting leather if you know what I mean. But I heard also that caviar is more resistant compare to lambskin.
    The other thing is that probably I won't have a chance to get it in normal leather.
  2. Is this from a store or from the internet?

    To my knowledge, they don't even make caviar baby cabas. I thought it only came in washed leather. The whole idea of the baby cabas is to have slouchy leather, and caviar is not slouchy. ???
  3. It's from my aunt that lives in Milan Italy. She bought it in March, but thinks it's too young style for her. She wants to sell it to me. I haven't seen the bag yet, but from what she told me it's caviar. I think it egsists since I saw it for ex. at Reference library katyfok photo.
  4. [​IMG]
    This is what black caviar leather looks like close up.
  5. I have black baby cabas, and I think they call the leather the washed caviar.
  6. ^Yeah that's what it's called lol. I knew it was washed something.

    Regular caviar is a lot stiffer and textured. The Baby Cabas's washed caviar as you call it is very soft. It's not as sensitive as lambskin though as mine has yet to be scratched.

    pinkur I would definitely buy it because the baby has been discontinued (to my knowledge). The baby cabas is TDF.
  7. That's great! So I don't have to worry that it's going to be hard as stone.;)
  8. ^Not at all. It's really soft, but also durable though. I can put my bag just about anywhere without having to worry about if it will get scratched. I also find it to be the perfect size.
  9. I have the original in caviar, and it doesn't appear to be stiff. GET IT!!!!
  10. I had the same concern as you with the cabas...when I first received it, the leather was kinda hard and stiff...but after using it, the leather softened up and is beautifully slouchy. With use, it gets softer, slouchier, and sexier. You should go for it, definitely!
  11. Thanks everybody I'll get it for sure!!!
  12. ^Do post pics here or in the reference library when you do!

    I still haven't gotten around to posting pics of mine yet lol.