Caviar and Lambskin wallet

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  1. I got those two wallets from NM. They are absolutely gorgeous!!


    pics to come later, i think
  2. I would love to see pics.
  3. Oooh, what a tease! I'm dying for a Chanel wallet! You must update w/ photos!
  4. Please share pics. I'm looking for a long wallet!
  5. Ok! I'm charging my camera, so I will get to them when I get home from work! XD
  6. First Wallet - Caviar:
    ^ This is the front. The back doesn't have the CCs
    ^ Has 3 holes and the coin part, obviously the part for the bills

    Second Wallet - Lambskin:
    ^ This is the front. The back is the same!
    ^ Two different colors. The red has the little slits for the credit cards. The black, you will see.
    ^ This is the black part

    Ummm I forgot to take the picture of the credit card slits in the lambskin...

    Well, I'm not sure how many people are interested in seeing it. So if you are, let me know and I can take better pics. These pics were taken with my sidekick
  7. Beautiful! I LOVE the lambskin!
  8. Thanks!! ;)
  9. I favor the lambskin too. Congrats!:amuse:
  10. Thanks! I love lambskin leather, its so delish!!

    But I am currently using the caviar just because well, its caviar, and I'm clumsy and drop everything! lol
  11. I also love lambskin too