Cavial leather coco cabas?

  1. Is the caviar leather coco cabas in large (grande)still available? Also what colors did it come in besides black?
    I think I like this style better than the baby cabas. I am new to Chanel and would like to know if anyone has a idea who I can contact to get one or be put on a waiting list with a SA who will actually have it for you.
    Thanks for any help you can offer.
  2. I believe that the non baby cabas is no longer produced. It came in black, grey, white and brown in 2 sizes. The baby came in more colors. I am afraid you will probably only find the original caviar on eBay. Good luck!
  3. hum...i'm on two waiting lists for the original in black. Both toronto stores. I dont know how likely I'm getting one though.
  4. ^^I may be wrong as erm_chan says above; but when I called around in the US a few months ago to several Chanel boutiques and department stores, I was told there were no more waiting lists for the original cabas. I would love to be wrong as I want another one! Would love to hear what others know!
  5. I am also on the waiting list for this bag, the Sa told that the chances of getting this bag are not very good but I got on it any way just in case one gets returned or happens to come in. I will probably end up getting it on eBay.
  6. The SAs that put my name down were fairly confident the bags will come sometime with the 07 fall collection. july-early sept.
  7. I was told by my SA that it will only be baby cabas available as the 07 fall collection. I asked about original size cabas but she said CHANEL has stopped the production of that line. Hope my message is wrong. :crybaby:
  8. ^^ This is what I understand to be true as well.

  9. it came it 2 sizes?
  10. can anyone tell me what the size differences are with the original and now the baby cabas??
  11. mtambi: I think the original cabas is significantly larger than the baby cabas. You can probably find actual measurements in the reference library.

  12. I meant the original. I thought the orignal came in only one size. There is a new one called the baby cabas that is smaller but its not the same look as the original
  13. the original leather one came in one size only. The vinyl one came in two.
  14. ^^ I think the original came in large and extra large. Zacorey has a thread: "Sharing my new love . . ." which shows the extra large.