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Caved in for a bordeaux paddington


nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
Toronto, Ontario
his angel said:
ayla call the chloe in bahrain! they have teh whiskey paddy coming in next week :smile:
Ahh.. I only wish, first the retail store has it, and now Net-A-Porter, if I had the money to back it up, I'd be all over that like peanuts on a sundae ! :lol:


In a bliss
Nov 10, 2005
star3777 said:
That sounds a bit strange. I was on the wait list for the fendi velvet squirrel spy bag and they specifically asked me which color. So there must be a wait list. I thought that it was hideous in real life, so I passed it up. Two of the burgandy's sold the next day. The black one which was for a girl from Dubai passed that one up. Now it has been sent to Calgary. Alex, (you can ask for him) the SA always calls me when a new bag comes in that is difficult to aquire. I have been working with him for years. EEno, the Fendi manager at Holt Renfrew can help you with a wait list....I'm looking around for the whiskey!:toung:.....oh ya, Alex called me to inform me of the red paddy, I saw it - and grabbed it.
If you want the velvet squirrel spy bag right now, Saks.com has it. They have it in stock too. ;)