Caved in for a bordeaux paddington

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  1. I had no luck convincing my husband to buy the chocolate washed lizard paddington:sad2: I went to Holtz(local department store) today and grabbed the wine red one! I caved in christina!!! It's so much nicer than I ever imagined it would be. I really love this color the most!:love:
  2. ^^^post pics girl! :biggrin: I love the red!`
  3. How do I do this? I have a camera with an Sd card that's it.My husbands computer has our pictures downloaded on it .If he has that already on his computer, is that all I need to begin the process of showing pictures? I need help,if you can tell me how that will be awsome. Explain carefully, we are not computer people.Thanks:wacko:
  4. Yes, pictures! I might drool on the keyboard :toung: If you have the photos on an SD card in your digital camera, just hook up the camera to the computer with the USB cable that came with the camera. You can access the SD card and save the photos on your hard drive. After that, just add them as an attachment to your post here.
  5. I already have two Paddingtons and I DO NOT have the budget for the lizard...but I would more than welcome it should the bag decide to wander to my house on its own!
  6. Is the wine red color much darker color than the normal red? :huh:

    I heard that the normal red is brighter and the wine red is darker richer red?

    I own the normal red and i am wondering about the difference between the two colors. :amazed:

    Please post pictures so that we all can see!! :nuts:
  7. waiting patiently for a pic
  8. Cristina thank-you!!! I am charging the camera now.I will post the new paddy and some other bags I recently bought. Superbaby - I think that there is a big difference between the two red colors. I adore both, but chose the darker one because I found it easier to wear. Today , I was at the hairdresser. When i walked in, the stylist looked at me, paused, then looked at my bag and squeeled "helllooooo Chlllllllllooooooeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! as if the bag had just walked in, not me. He was hilarious!!!!
  9. Holtz.. as in Holt Renfrew ?!

    Which one was it ?! I've never actually seen a Paddington in Canada. :sad:
  10. Holt renfrew in Montreal! They have a green hobo paddy now! Which Holt Renfrew are you talking about regarding the stunning metallic spy!!!!!!:nuts:

  11. :lol: me too, I hope it finds its way here somehow!:love:
  12. i was going to say, neiman marcus has the washed lizard paddy for 7200 right now....

    is the wine red the same one as burgundy?

    here's the one i have.




    i have to say when i first got it i thought it weighed a ton, and i had my boyfriend carry it for me. hahaha. but now i've had it for more than a month and i've gotten used to the weight, but i am wondering, does anyone else have this problem? the shoulder straps always fall off... it's a pain sometimes.

    i want the tan paddington as well... but then i also want this gucci bag.
  13. Was just over at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, and saw a very nice bronze, slightly metallic, lizard? snakeskin? Paddy. It was some kind of reptile skin. Anyhow, very nice bag. I complimented the woman who had it and she said her husband had bought it for her. "Good Husband!" was my response.
  14. Yes, the red wine as the SM called it is the same as your burgandy. Cheque my pictures out in the general discussion section. we are twins!!:P

  15. Isn't that mall a kick? All those people walking their fluffy little foo-foo dogs.

    Was it really crowded? I might head down there tomorrow. :idea: