Caved for all black and sale find

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  1. Who's here for a reveal? #.png
  2. Here!
  3. Ooh I'm here too!
  4. Here
  5. I've said no more black Chanel bags but when I saw this one's coming I just had to have it :smile:
    So all the boxes are ticked: reissue, chevron, black hardware.
    Matching wallet is on my way too.
  6. And this happend: a cardigan on sale!
    One way ticket to ban island.... 3.png
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  7. I would definitely cave over n over for this. One of the best reissues till date. Congrats
  8. Buttons close up
  9. Gorgeous...and just think how much you saved....:tup:
  10. Thank you!
  11. Thank you! :smile:
  12. Both gorgeous choices! Especially love the chevron!
  13. Thank you for waiting and the compliment!
  14. x
  15. A mod shot of the bag and cardigan
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