Caved and bought these ..

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  1. This is my third pair of CL, and yes, they are all the same style, Patent Simple 100!!

    My first pair was nude, then magenta, now I needed the black!

    Introducing Black Simple 100mm (Patent)
  2. the Black Patent Simples are a great staple pair! congrats! :woohoo:
  3. Oooh fayewolf, that was a good thing to cave on. I have all three of those. Two staples and a pop of color, I think it's perfect choices. I don't think you can go wrong with the simple, they can go anywhere. Congrats!
  4. Plus they look great on you!
  5. I love those shoes! They are comfy, classy and sexy at the same time! :smile:
  6. faye, your patent black simples look wonderful on you! Congrats!
  7. gorgeous! simples are so classy!
  8. I swear I *just* saw these pics on MUA - *is weirded out* :P

    Beautiful though! I keep on telling myself to get some black simples, but always get distracted by other, less useful shoes, lol
  9. gorrrrgeous!!! i love simples!
  10. Beautiful! Such a classic.
  11. Love these!
  12. they look great on you! it's always great to have such a classic pair!
  13. A classic!
  14. they're gorgeous! i'm a huge fan of simples and they look fantastic on you!
  15. what a great choice!! A gorgeous staple shoe that you will wear everywhere!