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  1. #1 Jan 29, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2010
    Wow. Where shall I begin? Perhaps where I left off some time ago.

    (Here is the previous thread)

    So I received the bag in October/November 2009, nearly two years after the ordeal/purchase started. Economic times as they are, the seller might have sewed the bag herself, thus the delay. Quite difficult to match the stitching and all, maybe had to order a special heat stamping gun.

    Anyway, I put the bag in my closet. In preparation for a move, I noticed the bag and decided to list it on EBay. What could I lose? I had purchased it from a reseller with more than 3,300 ratings.

    So last night I get a message that my listing had been removed. And I start investigating. Thank GOD I didnt sell the bag. John5 confirmed the bag was a fake.

    I will say this. If you are wise, have your bases covered. Otherwise, authentic.LV might sell you a fake.:yucky:

    I hope this happens to no one. It's not about the $1500 I might be out, I would just hate for this seller to get business after she sold me a fake.

    I have attached pics for your reference...

    Feel free to message me, I will gladly provide a negative reference.:graucho:

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  2. How upsetting! I hope you an find a solution to the problem :sad:
  3. That bag is indeed fake... Is there any way to see the listing of the bag still? If so, then you can prove that is the same bag they sold you...
  4. Unfortunately not. I wasnt smart enough then to have printed the listing. I did however, have an email for the bag. It is in the (attached) picture.

    Additionally, this has dragged on for some time. I just dont want anyone to experience this horrid encounter.

    Thanks for the sympathies though.

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  5. I'm really sorry to hear that happened!
    I purchased from a couple of years ago, and the transaction went perfectly well. I'm very surprised they sold a fake, they always seemed to be very reputable (and the bag I got was authenticated here so I'm sure it's real).

    I'm not going to make excuses for them, although I personally would never touch a special order LV on ebay with a bargepole! The majority seem to be fake, and there's never any other examples of the bag to compare it to - to see if the canvas is off or whatever.

    Is there no way to get your money back?
  6. Trust me - I thought the same thing about the authenticity of products they sell. Until I received mine more than a year and a half after I ordered it. Had we left Iraq, God only knows where the bag might be.

    I only bought the bag because I was trying to match it with a Damier Ebene Broadway I already owned.

    Only GOD and the seller know what will happen as far as the money. Would I like it back? Yes, of course. Will it happen? Read the first line. :smile:
  7. That's CRAZY - as someone who sells a lot of LV they should have known RIGHT AWAY that this is fake :tdown:
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