Caveat Emptor - A Tale of Bargain Blindness


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Dec 21, 2010
In a Sunburned Country
I can't take it any more, I must bare my soul. I did Sumpin' Stoopid and now must seek Absolution from the patron Saint of Really Good Deals, Saint Boughta Bargain of Outletvillia.

Last month, hubby and I were on a road trip to Niagara Falls, and stopped at an outlet along the way. Cute little mall area, friendly SA's, good stuff abounding... and then I saw IT. Chevron Nylon Lindsay in Parchment. IT wasn't in stores yet, it wasn't on the website yet, I hadn't even seen a drilldown yet so how did IT get in the outlet.... oh it must be a treasure beyond compare! Plus, it was vanilla ice cream... a field of cotton bolls... a sky full of cumulo-nimbus angelhair....Marshmallow Fluff...white on rice on a paper plate in a snowstorm GORGEOUS PUFFY ICY WINTER GOODNESS. I had to have IT. I don't remember exactly what the price was but it was PDG (Pretty Darn Good) that I do recall, in my foggy haze of Mesmerization by Madison.

Get to the cash register, realize the hangtags aren't on it. I don't know what I was thinking. I plead momentary insanity. I said to my husband, NBD (No Big Deal) as I can call Jax and get replacement tags. Uh huh. YOU people know where this is going but for whatever stinking reason my brain didn't function, I dunno.... SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY HANGTAGS, SURE, they're just gonna give me THOSE.

Oh but wait. It gets better.

Purchases wrapped up and safely stowed in trunk, off we jaunt to Niagara. Nearly there, suddenly I'm struck by a bolt of laser-like instant recall. "JOHN!" (My husband, John. I did remember his name.) "I don't think the strap was on that Lindsey, either!"

Recriminations... regret...really freekin' idiot buyer...what kinda moron buys a bag without the hang tags AND the strap? (It didn't have a dust bag either but the SA scraped one up for me, dear girl! THAT I did notice!)

So we weren't returning via that route and wouldn't hit that outlet. I couldn't bring myself to try to return it - I bought it that way, I should have known better.

I emailed Jax when I got home. They did send me two hangtags, but not the Anniversary ones that were missing, of course. No replacement straps to be had for that bag. I thought about getting a strap from a company I found on Bonanza, but couldn't be sure it would match the leather trim and that would drive me crazy. And truth be told - I rarely even use a shoulder strap... but... still...

I kept her. I'm using her. She's a puffy fluffy cloud of blanc-mange, but I do wish she was whole.


May 25, 2010
I know exactly how you feel. I purchased a HG bag, the beautiful Poppy Editorial Gray Sequins Rocker 17046. Got home and for the life of me I couldn't remember what that little tab on the side of the handle was for... Duh, the flower. The one item that makes this bag stand out, the reason I fell hard for her. No replacement in sight for that and she sit's in my closet waiting to be used. I too wish she were whole.


Nov 9, 2009
Oh sweetie, I feel your pain. When my son was in New Hampshire in the hospital for MONTHS on end and I had free weekends without my other child, I would venture up to Conway to hit the outlet there.............and I came home and found that I'd made a similar mistake.


"The Bag Whisperer!"
Dec 18, 2009
Don't feel bad, in my quest for vintage "finds" I've bought a few stinkers. I was most embarassed by the bag that had obvious errors in the creed, especially when Hyacinth had to point out that there should be an "R" in word "Scratches"!

Maybe you could get a replacement chain strap that matches the hardware? Or take it to a cobbler and see if a matching strap could be made?

I am sure that it's a beauty and you will enjoy it. Most of my rehab projects are far from pristine but I love them anyway and enjoy carrying them.

P.S. I believe that the ebay/bonanza vendor that sells replacement straps/parts will send you a sample of the leather for free to see if it will match - you could ask about it anyway. Good luck!


No 6-month pin 4 me!
Mar 5, 2010
HanBaghs, USA
Before I even comment on the bag issue itself, allow me to say: :worthy: you are quite a writer. Wow. I enjoyed the post just for the writing itself, if that makes any sense!

Ok, now onto the bag....I have done a few things like this in my own moments of being seized by the bargain gods. (Though the way you put it--much better!) I hope you just enjoy the Lindsey for the great bag it is, with the tags that JAX sent you for adorning it. It's a great all-around bag for the worst of weather, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it, no matter what.

Thanks for sharing your awesome story. I'll remember it for a long while!


Aug 25, 2010
I was at my Coach store one day making a purchase and I was lamenting how those pretty cutout hangtags should be on ALL the bags and not just a select few bags or they should put them out for sale blah blah SA then went to the back and brought out a nice shiny silver cutout hangtag!! I was so overjoyed!! What a lovely girl she was to do that!! Go into your Coach store and ask! Doesn't hurt to try...


Oct 8, 2011
They did send me two hangtags, but not the Anniversary ones that were missing, of course.
Sorry to hear about the missing long strap! But glad you that get the handtags replaced!
I have the parchment nylon lindsey myself bought at a FP store before it went on the site. But the white handtag on it wasn't the Anniversary ones. The creed (?) inside the bag didn't mention Anniversary either. (My black nylon sophia has both) So i guess the parchment is not one of the Anniversary editions...?


Coach-my candy store
Nov 12, 2009
Like proffashionista, I have to comment on your wonderful writing. Your post was quite entertaining, and left me wondering if you write for a living.

So sorry about your bag that is not whole. It is a beautiful bag, and I'm sure you got her for a great price. I bought a bag once and after getting home realized that the THREE hangtags that should have been on her were missing. I tried getting replacements, and got 2 of the 3, but she never seems quite right. I tell myself how silly that is, because sometimes I don't even want to leave the hangtags on when I carry a bag. But it still bothers me.

Yours is a beautiful bag. I hope you can love her and enjoy using her.


Jun 25, 2011
Wow. Are you an English Major? If not you should be. Seriously though I have been there with you!! Your heart gets pounding, you have tunnel vision, and for sake of trying to remain calm in a public setting, you take a breath and try not to pass out from the sudden rush!! I completely understand.


Pandora & Lush
Feb 9, 2009
Gainesville, Florida
Wow. Are you an English Major? If not you should be. Seriously though I have been there with you!! Your heart gets pounding, you have tunnel vision, and for sake of trying to remain calm in a public setting, you take a breath and try not to pass out from the sudden rush!! I completely understand.
you described it perfectly.. i have soo been there!!

i immediately thought you were a writer as well after reading your short story.. entertaining and touching :sad: sorry this happenend. i hope you enjoy the bag based on the sale price, finding it early, and having it on your wish list. i totally understand why these things would bother you thought :sad: you're a coachie thru and thru

for what it is worth, i think if you notice before using it it's okay for items to be returned if you realize the thingies are missing.. it's not the buyer's "fault" for not noticing during the exciting outlet!! i have kept 2 bags i loved b/c of missing hangtags and made other ones work but it does bother me at the same time!


Oct 11, 2006
Like the others, I really enjoyed reading this post! I'm sorry for what happened, but I think as bag lovers we've all been there when we've seen something that we cannot believe and have moments of being blinded by the bag.

That happened to me a few years back. I saw a small Sabrina in the amethyst color at the outlet near me. I had just seen one sell for a bunch of money on ebay, but this was going to be a birthday present to myself so no selling for me. I must have audibly squealed and ran to grab it before anyone else noticed it. I clutched it like we were at a sample sale and someone was going to snatch it out of my hands. I was so pleased with myself for finding it. I actually don't think anything was missing from it, so it's not really exactly like your story, but I guess my point was knowing that heart stopping feeling when you can't believe your eyes. Enjoy your bag and love her for who she is, not what she could/should have been.


Handbags Happen
Dec 21, 2010
In a Sunburned Country
Thank you all for the kind words, support and commiseration. I really do love my Parchment girl... I have the Gray Chevron too and that gets nice comments but people LOVE my snowy version.

As for the compliments on my story-telling ability - I will admit to a degree in Journalism (which I do not use) and perhaps a few books under my belt, none of which will really pertain to the subject at hand... ;))))

Thanks again, folks, I chalk this up to an Educational Moment.


May 15, 2011
I do agree with all the others, Lacey. You certainly have a way with words and I enjoyed reading your post. I'm sorry you didn't get a "perfect" bag.

Looking forward to seeing more of your posts, but I want them to be happy, perfect bag posts, OK?? :greengrin:


selective hoarder
Sep 29, 2010
oh blarf! i hate that feeling. i haven't had a broken bag problem, but definately with other purchases. i'm glad you can still enjoy your lindsey though, so we could enjoy your story!


Jan 25, 2011
N. California
What a bummer! I'm sorry you can't get a replacement strap or the tags. I'm glad you got a really good deal on the bag at least. But I can totally understand being upset that the bag isn't whole. :sad: