Cavalli to design for H&M!!

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    Italian designer Roberto Cavalli will be the next designer for H&M!
    Cavalli follows Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, and Viktor & Rolf - oh yes, Madonna too - in the H&M diffusion club. British Vogue reveals his designs are expected to hit stores this winter, right between Temperly for Target and Erin Fetherston for Target.

    While Cavalli's recent cowboy kick might translate well into a mass market line, it's tough to see his signature dresses, which are skin-tight and often stuffed with feathers, becoming something cheaper.
    It's also fun to wonder who will model this collection - Kate Moss was supposed to do Stella's H&M line, but then the cocaine happened and H&M vetoed her.

    Raquelle Zimmerman helped out Viktor & Rolf by wearing their giant wedding dress in the print campaign. And now Kate Moss is the face of Cavalli... but it seems unlikely she'd front an H&M collection, especially since her designs for TopShop will continue hitting stores through next year.
    Maybe Heidi Klum, whose family vacations with Cavalli's, will strike a pose?
  2. ooooh. hopefully his line doesn't turn out to be a giant dissapointment!
  3. I hope not, either. However, he IS a designer (unlike Madonna, which was disappointing both in sales for H&M and the public) and they seem to do fairly well with H&M. Stella and V&R were both hugely successful!
  4. That should be interesting. His style seems pretty different from what I usually see from the designers for H&M...I wonder if he'll tone down his use of color and pattern for it?
  5. I like Cavalli, but his (extravagant) designs (embroidery, sequins and crazy prints) only look good if they are produced with the highest quality possible. High quality=high price, and sadly H&M is not know for either.
  6. I would just be happy if it didn't sell out like other designer collaborations did.
  7. I agree with Wentworth-Roth.... I have serious doubts that the collection will look good. Cavalli is too over the top and flamboyant. He gets away with it because of the high quality. On low quality materials, it will look like cheap lingerie ... can you imagine a leopard or tiger print polyester dress?
  8. OMG, i love cavalli... i hope H&M can produce well on his designs...
  9. I looking forward to this hopefully it'll look good launches November 8th
  10. We'll see... I have a lot of pieces from the V&R line for h&m and the quality is very very good. Still love them to death!
  11. Yeah, I think it's a thin line between class and trash with his creations, with a cheap quick desing this may easily be crossed. Also his creations aren't for everyone and not every body shape and colour can easily take his explosion of colour, print etc.

    Here's a video with comments:
  12. Maybe Cavalli will tone down his extravagant style for H&M just the right amount. I can see that happening.
  13. Good point....I didn't like Madonna's collection very much. But I didn't get to see Stella or Viktor and Rolf. We'll just have to see how things turn out!
  14. I said just that the other day. I personally don't have high hopes for this line at all.
  15. I just read this on the press website for h&m. I'm excited about this - hopefully the things will be good! I've been quite disappointed with H&Ms selection lately!