cavalli online: let the obsessing begin!

  1. Yersterday was the official party and today al the pieces are online (hm site) with prices.

    What will you be fighting for on november 8th?:boxing:

    This is my list:
    - Black trench (need!)
    - underwear (loads of them, they are so playfull yet sexy)
    - light blue shirt with leopard front
    - leopard wrap dress
    - black smoking vest
    (-maybe som accesories)
  2. I love all the blouses and the corset. ALso the leopard tunic dress.

    Unfortunately I compared the pricing of the US site vs the Canadian site and all the pieces are between 10-50 dollars more. Which is very frustrating because with the current exchange rate the Canadian prices should be the same or a bit less. :cursing:
  3. i HAVE to have that horn necklace!!
  4. Where do I click to see the collection? i only see a video of it. TIA
  5. ^^ bottom left on the cavalli page (after you saw the intro video), there's a menu
  6. love love love!
  7. what's the URL??
  8. I like some of the jewelry. Don't think I will buy any of the clothing though.