Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club...Come on In

  1. I see so many people, on this forum, who have CKCS for their avatars. They are my absolute favorite breed, although I love all dogs. I have two of them, Dudley, who is a seven year old blenheim, and Austin, a four year old ruby. Who else owns Cavaliers?
    Austin and Dudley.jpg
  2. What sweet dogs you have!
  3. I dont own one BUT I love them. So beautiful, My 2 fav dog choices are CKCS, AND Weimaraners and this lady who worked in the same plaza as I was a breeder too both.She would always bring them by when she'd have a new litter, teasing me at the least. My hairdresser just got one as well. SO jealous! post lots of pics of your babies!!
  4. I have a 10 week old puppy, named Bella.
  5. I just went to an event today where a bunch of CKCS got together for a play date. They're so cute playing together. As soon as I have pictures, I'll post them.
  6. I have a 2.5 year old tricolor boy:love:!
    :heart: [​IMG]
  7. Oh, they are all so adorable.

    GyrlLayney - I love the coloring on your little boy! I have a thing for dogs that have these "eyebrows..." SO DARN CUTE!
  8. I don't have a Cavalier King Charles, but I have a Cavapoo. He is 1/2 CKCS and 1/2 poodle. His name is Teddy & I absolutely love him!!
  9. Teddy is such a cutie!
  10. Thanks! I like to say he's wearing eyeshadow that matches his blush :roflmfao: Is it the Bearnaise Mountain dog that also has the same tri-coloring? Those dogs are awesome, too, but a little too big for me and my family.
  11. I have two! A Tri and a Ruby. Both are five and will be turning six. The Ruby had to go to the Emergency Vet last night and they still don't know what is wrong with him. He is going to have to get an MRI. I am worried sick about leaving him at home when I go to work tomorrow (I stayed home with him today). They are the best dogs though!

  12. Bella also had to go to the Vet after an accident at home last night.

    I was in sooo much pain for her as she was being examined! Just kept looking at me like "why????"
  13. Your little boy is adorable too!! This is my first time having a dog & I can't believe I waited so long. My Girls (7 & 8) wanted a puppy so bad... now I am the one who is so in love w/this little guy. He brings so much love to our whole family!!
  14. Please post an update when you have one.
  15. Oh my gosh! He's so cute.