Cavalcade cross body or 3D small tote??? Please help

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I have been lurking for a while and not posted much on here for a long time. I used to be on the Mulberry forum years ago but that brand has changed so much and not for the better.......
    Anyway! I've been interested in the Longchamp bags more recently. In leather I already have a Mystery backpack in dark red, and the Foulonne cross body with the 2 zips on the front in black. I also have various non leather le pliage, where I live you can't go far without seeing a large le pliage tote!

    So I've been rather naughty in this winter sale. Firstly I bought online a couple more le pliage in bilberry because it's my favourite colour and thanks to you on here I knew it was going. I'm glad I got in there early! I also bought a Roseau tote in grey with the longer straps. The le pliage totes are great but I worry about corner wear. This tote is also smarter and still pretty lightweight. I think it's a keeper.

    Then I was in town and went to the shop to have a look. I was thinking about the Cavalcade cross body (the larger one) in oxblood. I'm very fond of purples and burgundies. I had a good look at everything else they had and the small 3D tote in pilot blue caught my attention. I really couldn't decide between the two. To cut a long story a bit shorter, I ended up ordering the 3D online. But I've also now ordered the Cavalcade as it came back in stock. The 3D is here but I'm waiting for the Cavalcade. I will have to make a quick decision when Cavalcade gets here...

    My thoughts:
    3D - lightweight, spacious, can carry by hand or shoulder. I like the dark hardware and the blue is quite dark, easy colour to wear with jeans which I wear most of the time. The leather seems nice? I'm not sure about the open top, and the magnet is OK but not all that strong, it was the same in store. The shoulder strap is a bit short for me (I am tall) which surprised me as I don't remember the one in store being short. However I could change the strap, I'd prefer a wider one.

    Cavalcade - lightweight, closes! Classic saddle bag style. Only shoulder / cross body and the strap is fixed so I couldn't change it. However the strap is adjustable I think so should be long enough. I was worried about the leather in the shop and wondered if it would quickly look shabby and scratch and mark very easily? Maybe the 3D leather is more robust??

    I can't keep them both!! I'd appreciate any words of wisdom about the styles, how much they carry, and particularly the leather quality. Another thing is the 3D is quite a bit more £££ than the Cavalcade as I'd probably want another strap......
  2. Glad you are enjoying your Longchamp bags! I like both bags that you are considering; I own the 3D small tote and I'll probably buy a Cavalcade at some point. The 3D leather is a washed calfskin and to me it seems durable and relatively resistant to scratches and wear. Cavalcade leather, on the other hand, is lambskin, which is soft and beautiful but prone to scratching; I've seen some Cavalcade bags on store display that got scratched up very quickly. In my experience with lambskin bags from other designers (such as a Chanel flap bag), lambskin is delicate and can have big problems with showing wear and color loss. However I can't speak specifically to the resiliency of the Cavalcade leather. Since the line was just introduced last season, no owners have come on tPF to comment on that yet. One thought, you seem to like the Cavalcade saddle bag design, so have you considered the Foulonne saddle bag (link here) which is a similar size and shape but has much more durable leather? Those have a very long and adjustable strap fyi. Several of us here on tPF own the Foulonne saddle bag and like it, although admittedly it lacks some of the pretty details on the Cavalcade...
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  3. I think you should consider where you will be using the bag. Will the 3D open top be an issue if you have to take public transport or go to crowded places?

    I own a Small 3D and I find the magnet pretty strong. With the magnet closed, the bag closes well and doesn't have wide open ends, hence my belongings feel very secure. The 3D also has a very wide internal zippered compartment from end to end which can safely store your wallet. The 3D leather is very carefree to me. I would be wary of the Cavalcade leather - I don't own one but it does look delicate.
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  4. I don't own both bags but I've been checking out the Cavalcade range. I do like the looks of the leather but it does seem delicate as all the bags I've seen has a lot of scratches on them. I almost got the Cavalcade hobo bag during the sale but decided against it in the end.
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  5. Hi everyone, thank you so much for your comments. I didn't realise the Cavalcade is a relatively new style.
    Well Cavalcade has arrived today at last, unfortunately it was already dark so it's harder to know what the colour is really like..... it's very smooth.....
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  6. Hi again, sorry I didn't have time for a proper reply before.
    Cosmopolitan - I'm glad my instincts were the same about the two leathers. I do like the 3D leather and it feels like it would be hardwearing. I have thought about the foulonne, thank you, and it's very nice, but quite plain. How do the 2 poppers work day to day?
    SmokieDragon - the open top of the 3D worries me as I work in London and travel in on public transport. Also it rains here! The internal pockets are very good though.
    Frenziedhandbag - when I saw the Cavalcade in store it was a bit marked already. I do think it could be an issue.

    So, my thoughts now are that I'm returning the 3D. I was dithering for a long time but then thought no, if I'm not sure it should go back. I do like the leather and the colour is good, but the open top and barely long enough strap worry me too much. (I know there are other 3D colours available if I change my mind later - the very dark blue would be good for work.)
    I'm very tempted to keep the Cavalcade as the style is so good, the closed top and the zip pocket on the back is an extra bonus - for travel card and maybe phone. The colour is deep and the dark hardware and no obvious branding is nice, and the strap is long! It's lightweight and very soft and smooth. I think it's inevitable it will get marked and scratched, so if I keep it I'd have to accept that and embrace the wear I think!
    How about a Cavalcade large cross body in the 3D leather?? Now I think that would be a wonderful bag.......:smile:
  7. It sounds like you really prefer the Cavalcade, so I agree, why not just keep it? It’s a beautiful bag and color; here’s a pic below I took at Bloomingdales last fall of the smaller size. I assume you got it at a good sale price since it was at the end of the season. None of us have actually owned one yet so we don’t know for sure about the line’s leather durability. I say give it a try.

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  8. It is a beautiful bag and a good burgundy in the right tone and style does not come by when we want it. If it is calling out to you in both color and style, that probably meant it is the one you will like to keep.
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  9. Hi, yes I do prefer the style of the Cavalcade and the strap length. It's a simple classic style and has good internal pockets. That's a good photo you took, mine looks the same but bigger. Yes the sale price was good, I think 40% off. We'll see about how the leather wears. Now I need to remember how to add a photo!
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  10. Thank you, I think it is simple and classy in design and a lovely colour.
    Maybe someone else should get something from this line??!
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  11. Well, you might just be the very first one here.

    I agree the Cavalcade line looks elegant and polished. I do like the WOC but I can see how the sides of the bag will wear as the chain rubs against the softer leather. Thus, I got my WOC in Foulonne leather instead. The larger crossbody is a beauty too; I did consider it but I already have my trusty Navy Foulonne crossbody which is the same size.