Caution. Venting ahead....

  1. I was fortunate enough to get the wonderful pink and black jacket from Spring on sale. The one that was pictured on every celeb. Eva L. wore the matching dress to her wedding. I loved it. WORSHIPPED IT. It was the perfect Chanel jacket. I could see myself stolling down the streets of Paris in it, sipping a cafe creme and in my divine....Chanelness. And I did go to Paris this summer, but I didn't even take the jacket! In fact, I never even wore it when I came home. It's been sitting in my closet.

    Fast forward. I become an addicted member of the pf and begin a quest to expand my tiny Chanel handbag collection. In a pure stroke of luck, I land a Coral Caviar medium classic on Saks egc day, and the bag is $1595!!!! Not marked up even at the last increase! And no tax! Ofcourse, I take it, along with a beautiful black Ultimate Soft. I'm offically addicted. What a feeeeeling....:nuts:

    Then I looked in my closet and see my dream jacket and I know that it I will not wear it. So, I decided I'm going to return it:crybaby:. I just cannot justify the purchase. I know that I will wear my handbags for years, but the jacket, well, not so much. [Maybe it it was black] I'm so sad about this, but I do think that I'm doing the right thing. Am I nuts?

    Thanks for letting me get it out. UPS tomorrow. At least I can wear one of my bags.
  2. Ah, I adore that jacket, I was dying to get my hands on one! Can I ask how much you ended up paying for it on sale? I know what you mean though about bags, they are super addicting and I seem to wear them more.
  3. I bought the jacket at 40%. There was only one sz 40, and they seemed to be sold out all over...sigh.
  4. eh...I'm not into jackets so I think it's a good decision to return it. But lets talk about the flap. How lucky are you??!!?!!? 1595...not fair! PLEASE post a pic of this beauty!
  5. Sheanabelle, thanks! It is a beautiful color and so timeless. I think that several pfers have it. I was stunned at the price!
  6. Oh please model it for us before the jacket goes back.:crybaby:
  7. Show us pics of the jacket first! I love seeing members with Chanel clothing...but it sounds you will never wear it, so I guess it's better to return it and use the money for something you will actually use and love.:smile:
  8. ^I agree. Sometimes you just lose interest in certain things, and if you're not crazy about it anymore and don't wear it, then the money could go towards better things like another Chanel bag. :biggrin:
  9. Do you just not like the jacket? If not, send it back. If you like the jacket, and it's a classic style, you can wear it for years. So if you got a good price on it, think about keeping it.
  10. pcture plsssss of the jacket and your new coral flap:yes::graucho::yahoo:
  11. Thanks to all of you! I'll try to post the jacket, but I'm really tech challenged at that. I will post photos of the coral when I decide what I'm getting at the next egc event. I'm leaning toward a medium black classic.
  12. awwww, camelot! it sounds like you love the jackets are classic and if you think you could wear it years down the road...try to hold on to it. i think (blasphemy!!!) that the jacket would last longer than the coral handbag!

    but, do what makes you happy. good luck (and do post pics!)
  13. I have that jacket. I wear it most of time with jeans & tshirt. I love it. If you return now & repurchase it, it's at least 50% off or 60% off now.

    Before you return it, try to put outfits together with your jackets then model it so you can decide better.
  14. If it is a classic jacket that you may not be wearing much of now, but can wear for years and years to come I would keep it. It sounds like you got a good deal on it and you love it so much. I don't know, but classic pieces are nice to never know when the perfect reason to wear it is going to come up!:smile:
  15. Hi Girls. Thanks for all of your kind replies. The problem is, I have kids and my lifestyle doesn't really fit the jacket. Also, my midwest weather dictates the jacket to be seasonal. You calif, fla, and texas gals are so lucky! I do think that I'll get more use out of something in black, since, like so many of us, I wear that most often.

    This forum is flled with such wonderful, smart and classy women! So happy I found it....thanks to a Chanel SA at Nordstrom.